Island Life Enamel Pins
Island Life Enamel Pins

Island Life Enamel Pins

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A pin set Inspired by Animal Crossing New Horizons in collaboration with Cosmic Skies Pins, Aegyohana and Shop Onion Knight.

KK slider is designed by myself and is available here along with a small number of full sets, but to purchase the other three individually you’ll need to visit the respective artists shops 

New Horizons is available at Aegyohana’s Shop

Nooklings is available at Cosmic Skies Pins Shop

Flick is available at Shop Onion Knight’s Shop

- 2.25-2.35 in inches
- Hard enamel
- Black Nickel plating
- 2 rubber clutches
- Back stamp 

Standard Grade: Meant to be worn! Free of major defects but *may* exhibit minor imperfections such as scratches, overfill or lowfill enamel, off screen printing, air bubbles, stray glitter or paint, metal plating defects(excluding backs) etc. Standard orders may be filled as collector's grade, but are not guaranteed as such.

Seconds Grade: For budget collectors. Multiple or major defects of the types noted above, or: peeling enamel, large areas of missing enamel, or other unexpected problems. 

Not an officially licensed product. Based off of fanart created by Otaku Pins, Aegyohana, Cosmic Skies Pins, and Shop Onion Knight.

All purchases are FINAL. NO refunds, returns, or cancellations are accepted.